Mar 4, 2024 3 MIN

OpenBB at The Adrenalina, in Lagos, Nigeria

At this event, our team member Kalu Arunsi had the opportunity to showcase the transformative potential of OpenBB Terminal Pro and its Copilot feature for investment research, demonstrating its unparalleled capabilities, from chatting with documents to function calling, and how it's setting a new standard for financial analysis worldwide.

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On the 24th of February 2024, I sat with startup founders, investment bankers, Nigerian Stock Exchange traders, and quantitative researchers and analysts to discuss the role and impact of Artificial Intelligence in our world today.

It was an insightful experience, hearing and watching these finance professionals share their views on tools they used, wished they had, and how they imagined these would improve their jobs.

I spent my time talking about investment research and where it’s currently at, citing OpenBB Terminal Pro as the choice tool for anyone doing investment research at any scale around the world, with our Copilot being the best assistant they can have for the nature of their jobs.

Someone asked how much work the OpenBB Copilot can do since they’ve had a similar pitch at their firm that wasn’t to their liking, so I demonstrated the various capabilities of the Copilot:

As well as some other features of the Terminal Pro:

The day progressed into an interesting topic: can AI start making investment decisions and actively manage portfolios soon?

After tons of responses and a fairly heated debate on whether that’s ethical, possible, sustainable, or even profitable, I drew everyone back to how human-centered and heavily contextual (and sometimes irrational) that part of finance can be.

I cited examples like the dot-com bubble, the ‘08 crash, and even today’s AI boom (with a heavily positive impact on companies like SMCI and NVIDIA). These were all possible because of the human ego, belief, and decision-making that guided such eras and events.

So, while the idea of AI making investment decisions may seem far-fetched, the future that involves AI heavily assisting in the processes and events that lead up to such is already here with OpenBB Copilot.

Now, teams and organizations can build on it with whatever quantitative or machine learning systems they have to make their research, analysis, and investment decisions better and clearer.

It was truly an amazing experience talking about the OpenBB Terminal Pro, Copilot, and the many things OpenBB has made available for financial institutions and professionals.

Finally, I would like to thank Michael Osumo of Viva Jets, the staff and management at The Adrenalina for the invitation, and everyone who came.

If you’d like to use the OpenBB Terminal Pro and Copilot, get early access and we’ll get you started.

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