Current investment research applications limit your data access and your potential. The OpenBB Terminal Pro offers you freedom to bring your own data, customize the way you interact with data, create a report in seconds, and much more.

Bring your own data

Bring any data into your research environment. Whether that is a CSV file, a private endpoint, an RSS feed, or even embed an SEC filing directly. The only limit is your creativity.

Your terminal. Your whiteboard

Create your preferred dashboards with your favorite widgets with the Terminal Pro. Stop using platforms that limit your potential.

Generative AI to summarize content

Chat with financial data using state-of-the-art large language models (LLMs). Don’t waste your time reading news articles or earnings transcripts. Create a summary in seconds and ask how that impacts your investments.

Build investment reports in seconds

Add your notes to a widget and render the tab into a custom report that can be used to share with your team or manager.

Create charts from raw data

Increase your efficiency by 10x with visual insights. The OpenBB Terminal Pro allows you to create charts directly from raw data in seconds.

Provided by Top-tier industry data vendors

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