We are OpenBB.

We believe in a future where high-quality investment research data and tools are accessible to everyone, everywhere. Our products are built on top of our open source platform which is driven by our community.

Who are we?

We are a team of 18 representing analysts and quants across the world. With different backgrounds and geographies our team represents the intersection between technology and finance.

What unites us is our core belief that high-quality financial data and tools should be accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Didier Lopes

When I started working on the OpenBB Terminal during the Covid Christmas holidays, I never imagined it would grow into what it is today. It's been an honor to collaborate with the community to develop a truly open source investment research platform.


Our Culture

As an open source company, we are nothing without a strong culture.


We empower our team to be autonomous and take ownership of their work. We are an async remote team, working worldwide. We avoid unnecessary meetings and trust our team with a flexible schedule. We focus on output rather than working hours and past achievements.


We strive to become a better version of ourselves and deliver high quality products for our users. We weren't scared of taking an open source approach in the financial industry, and we aren't scared to innovate. This is how we will lead the way.


We started as an open source project; but now we're becoming an open company. Being open has a positive impact on our team, users and shareholders. This level of transparency allows you to trust us, as we trust each other internally.


Being remote means our team comes from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This means we deliver better solutions by seeing different perspectives. We embrace our diversity and listen to feedback.


Disrupting an industry is not for everyone, we are building a bold, passionate team that wants to have a long lasting impact on the world. This is how we will democratize investment research.


We are nothing without our community. We value every user and keep them in mind for every decision we take. Putting the user first allows us to iterate our products faster.

our investors

None of this would be possible without the support of our investors.

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OSS Capital

(Joseph Jacks)

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Naval Ravikant

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Elad Gil

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Ram Shriram

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Larry Augustin

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Bob Young

Our Advisors

Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

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Scott Williamson

Ex-CPO at Gitlab and VPP at SendGrid/Twilio

I'm excited about OpenBB's mission to leverage open source to bring innovation and democratize access to investment research.

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Larry Augustin

Former CEO of SugarCRM, and former VP Applications at AWS

OpenBB empowers millions of individual investors with access to leading-edge financial research. I'm looking forward to watching as OpenBB disrupts an industry model that has historically made sophisticated research tools available to only the wealthiest investors.

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Gabriele Columbro

Founder and Executive Director at FINOS

Thrilled to support the OpenBB rocketship. It will no doubt open up one of the most conservative industries in the world and has the potential to bridge retail and institutional investors through open source.

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Justin Hoffman

Former SVP Sales at Elastic

Great companies are formed at the intersection of disruption and value. When you see exceptionally motivated people on this road you can't help yourself from jumping in. The team at OpenBB are on to something special and I am fortunate that I can help shape their GTM thinking.

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Travis Oliphant

CEO at OpenTeams and Quansight, Founder of Anaconda, NumFOCUS and PyData. Creator of NumPy, SciPy, and Numba.

The world has been waiting for a company like OpenBB. They work for the underserved market of financial professionals looking for data and ways to connect with it. The opportunity is immense, using open source enables you to build more with less. I am thrilled to be associated with them.

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Aria Goudarzi

Experienced Financial Services Professional, SVP at one of Asia's Largest Asset Managers

OpenBB is a disruptor in a sector that has historically had high barriers for access to good quality financial data and tools. Their open source community really is at the heart of their mission to making investment research accessible to everyone. I am fortunate and excited to be part of their journey!

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Jason Strimpel

Head of Startup Data Strategy at AWS, Founder of PyQuant News

No one ships features faster than OpenBB. The way the team responds to user feedback is unlike anything I've seen in my 20+ year career. A handful of firms have a monopoly on the world's financial data. That changes with OpenBB.

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