why openbb?

OpenBB is a leading open source investment research software platform for accessing and analyzing financial market data. We represent millions of investors who want to leverage state-of-the-art data science and machine learning technologies to make sense of raw unrefined data. Our mission is to make investment research effective, powerful and accessible to everyone.

Why OpenBB Terminal?

OpenBB Terminal fills the gap in the market for a cross-collaborative investment research platform. This open source platform lives at the intersection between users and data sources, effectively connecting these two worlds. The only truly free and open source investment research platform that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

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Open Source

Open source products allow for higher quality, more transparency, the best ideas, the best developers, and foster a sense of community. To sum it up, it drives innovation. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel for financial theory that has been around for decades, thus users can adapt the platform to their needs or even build proprietary features on top of our infrastructure. Standardizable but customizable.


Python is one of the most used programming languages due to its simplified syntax and shallow learning curve. On top of this, it is highly used in the data science and academia world (particularly on finance, economics or business related degrees). This is very important, as it is the first time in history that users, regardless of their background, can add features to an investment research platform so fast and so easy.


We believe investment research should be accessible to everyone. Our products leverage free API tiers to have access to a vast range of financial data without any extra cost to the user. For more advanced users, we incorporate premium features from certain data sources so that users can still access this data through a paid subscription (directly with the data source - not through OpenBB).

Remote Access

Covid has changed the world and the way we work. It no longer makes sense for academics to need to be on campus in order to access financial data. We are part of this revolution and future. We want to accelerate a future where each individual can have their own investment research platform at their fingertips, regardless of their location.

Why OpenBB SDK?

Analyzing financial data from charts and tables is often not enough. OpenBB SDK provides a convenient way to access raw financial data from multiple data providers, utilizing the same architecture followed by the OpenBB Terminal. Through collaborative Jupyter Notebooks, users are able to perform in-depth finance studies that wouldn’t be possible without access to the data. Or build custom financial dashboards and reports in minutes.

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Why OpenBB Bot?

Investment groups shouldn't rely on screenshots from multiple data sources or external websites links that change over time to share market insights. OpenBB Bot will bring market data directly to your groups, investment research with the community has never been easier.

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