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OpenBB NetworkOpenBB Network

OpenBB Network

Increase your reach in the financial world by building on top of our core, and network with like-minded individuals. Finding a job as a quant or analyst doesn't has to be hard. Leverage our network for a successful career.
OpenBB Terminal community routines

Community Routines

Create a no-code financial routine, share with others and see your script growing in popularity as more investors leverage it to make informed financial decisions.

Financial data from Discord or Telegram

Loved by the community

Loved by the community

OpenBB partnered with OptionsFamBot to create the OpenBB Bot, now reaching over a million users on 17K+ Discord/Telegram servers for real-time investment data, including stocks, options, dark pools, crypto, NFTs, and market analysis.
Don't miss a beat

Don't miss a beat

The OpenBB Bot offers powerful screener commands to help you quickly find stocks that meet your specific criteria. With our screener commands, you can find after/pre-market movers, top gainers, golden crosses, and more. Maximize your returns with the OpenBB Bot.
Set alerts notification on your devices

Set alerts notification on your devices

The OpenBB Bot monitors specific stocks or sectors and alerts you to the latest news and trends. Get all your alerts in one place and easily share with others.
Track multiple assets simultaneously

Track multiple assets simultaneously

Create a personalized watchlist of multiple tickers with OpenBB Bot's advanced /watchlist command. Stay on top of the latest price movements, options flow, technical analysis indicators, and breaking news for investment success.

Build your own chatting bot on top of OpenBB

We have open source the code behind the OpenBB Bot for Discord. The reasoning is because we want to see what the community builds on top of the OpenBB platform, and the Discord bot serves as an example.

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