Elevate Your Financial Career in Academia.

You won't need to pay for financial data, go to campus to access financial resources, or have to learn C++. The OpenBB Terminal is free, supports Windows and MacOS, and is written in Python. Plus, it’s open source.

Why OpenBB for Academia?


We offer free investment research tools to everyone, including professors and students. No restrictions. Utilize the OpenBB Terminal to put financial theory into practice.

Access from anywhere

Accessing investment research tools from specific locations or computers doesn't make sense. Our products are accessible from anywhere, including the classroom and beyond.

Open Source

As an open source company, we encourage contributions to improve software robustness and innovation. Trust in the quality and security of our software, as it's maintained by a community of competent developers and financial professionals.


Our platform is built in Python, which is popular in finance for its ability to easily manipulate and analyze large financial data sets. Developers can leverage existing resources using libraries, frameworks, and tools readily available.

Practical Usage

Investment Courses & Case Studies

Investment Courses & Case Studies

Our platform offers 30+ years of fundamental data, including income, balance, and cash flow statements, a wide range of economy datasets, and other asset classes. You can use them in teaching materials and create case studies based on real-world examples.

Finance Societies & Investment Clubs

Finance Societies & Investment Clubs

OpenBB supports finance societies and investment clubs by providing access to a broad collection of financial data, which can be utilized to create equity and market reports. It can also aid in educating members with workshops such as "How to perform adequate Equity Research" using the OpenBB software.

Academic Research

Academic Research

Our platform provides data and tools for analyzing financial markets and investments, and for developing and testing theories and hypotheses for academic purposes. Users can export data to Excel and utilize the platform's Econometric capabilities.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The platform offers educational resources and tools for those interested in pursuing a career in finance or investing, covering areas such as Equity Research, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, Macro-economic research, and more, with the added benefit of familiarity across products used within firms or universities.


The OpenBB platform is a proven tool for investment research but we have found it also be beneficial in accounting courses such as Financial Statement Analysis and Firm Valuation within the Graduate Accounting Program curriculum here at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Using the open platform students are able to identify and track data that is highly correlated with financial performance enabling improved financial forecasting. The ability to use OpenBB scripts to document industry research and assumptions is particularly helpful when reviewing prior investment decisions as students can more quickly identify what worked, what did not work and what if any changes should be made when evaluating future investment opportunities.

Christopher S. Cook, CPA, CGMA



OpenBB delivered a fantastic, engaging presentation on investment concepts and also how we can use their investment research platform. I loved how any of us students can access it anytime, as all the information is in one place and I no longer need to spend ages looking online! Best of all, all the technical information we need is free - and technical knowledge in finance is often the area students struggle with most.

Joely To

Co-Head of Sponsorships

The AUEB Students’ Investment & Finance Club

OpenBB conducted a workshop on the functionalities of the OpenBB Terminal and showcased how it can be utilized to carry out thorough financial and economic research. Because of this workshop, we have started integrating the OpenBB platform in our projects which include global markets reports, equity research reports and similar. OpenBB allows us to have easy access to quality yet free financial data.

Foivos Moraitinis


Loughborough Finance and Investment Society

LFIS has had the privilege of using OpenBB, an advanced investment research platform that has transformed the way we approach financial research. Not only does OpenBB offer robust tools for analysis, but it also allows us to access these resources remotely for free, providing unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Members of LFIS have been leveraging OpenBB's capabilities, and are now able to make more informed investment decisions and equip themselves with the knowledge and skills needed for success in the ever-evolving world of finance.

Paarth Gupta


Our Products

Demo of product offering

OpenBB Platform

The OpenBB Platform provides programmatic access to financial and economic data in Jupyter Notebook, with a seamless integration with the OpenBB Terminal.

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