Corporate Development

Our platform integrates advanced data, AI, and customizable dashboards to streamline your workflow from opportunity identification to post-merger integration.

Get the most out of extensive financial datasets

OpenBB equips corporate development teams with powerful tools to analyze extensive financial data, enabling better informed and strategic decisions for mergers, acquisitions, and other growth initiatives.

Centralized Data Management for faster Analysis

Corporate development relies on diverse data sources, including market data, competitor analysis, and proprietary research. Efficiently managing and integrating this data is critical for accurate analysis.

One-stop data integration: Access data on various companies, including standardized financial statements, regulatory filings, market reports, and more. You can even integrate data from CSV/Excel files, PDFs, public APIs, Snowflake, SQL databases, and other sources into a unified platform.

Customizable dashboards: Design dashboards that suit your specific needs, with widgets displaying key metrics, market trends, and proprietary data.

Accelerate Your Investment Research and Strategy with AI

Conducting thorough research and developing strategic initiatives often involves labor-intensive processes.

Our AI capabilities streamline your tasks, allowing you to focus on high-level analysis and decision-making.

Our AI Copilot can significantly speed up your research by allowing you to analyze industry reports, client portfolios, or market trends in a fraction of the time it would take you manually.

Effortlessly Create and Share Reports

Effective communication of insights and strategies is crucial for corporate development teams.

Shareable dashboards: Create dashboards that can be easily shared with your team and stakeholders. Control access levels to maintain data security and integrity.

Fast report generation: Create accurate and timely reports with built-in charting and sharing capabilities. Share strategic initiatives and performance effectively without the need for manual data exports and chart creation.

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