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Our copilot is your investment research partner. You can use it to discuss your investment thesis since it can access all the financial data on the Terminal Pro — either provided by us or from your own files.

Get the answers to your questions

Ask financial questions and get instant, easy-to-understand answers about risk management, corporate finance, financial modeling, financial metrics, behavioral finance, and more.

Follow up on your Conversations

Ask follow-up questions or provide clarifications. OpenBB Copilot keeps track of past conversations, and uses them as additional context to answer your query.

Get Real-Time Insights before today starts

OpenBB Copilot can retrieve data from any financial widget in the Terminal Pro, regardless of whether that data is provided by OpenBB or if you have brought it to the terminal. This increases the knowledge of your personal AI copilot.

Understand where answers come from

Whether retrieving information from widgets on the dashboard, your uploaded files, or anywhere else, OpenBB Copilot uses citations to indicate which data sources it used.

Drag and drop your files

By utilizing the drag and drop files feature, users can easily incorporate various file formats such as txt, csv, xlsx, or pdf to be used as context for your copilot. This simple trick allows to augment your copilot context to access proprietary files.

What if you could bring your own proprietary copilot?

Financial firms are currently fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLMs) with their own proprietary datasets in order to increase their analysts and researchers efficiency.

This is why we introduced the Bring Your Own Copilot concept.

Firms are now able to bring their own copilots (e.g. a fine-tuned LLM) into Terminal Pro. This offers a significant advantage to firms, enabling access to their tailored LLM that has access to real-time data from OpenBB Terminal Pro – a powerful combination for investment research.

To assist users in bringing their own copilot, we’ve open sourced an example of how this can be done.

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