Empowering research and learning with web-based financial data analytics.

Work from anywhere

Our web-based Terminal Pro gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere. Offering advanced data integration and customizable dashboards, it allows you to analyze extensive financial datasets, enabling strategic learning and research.

Centralized Data Management for Enhanced Academic Research

Academia relies on diverse data sources, including financial data, economic indicators, and research reports. Efficiently managing and integrating this data is critical for accurate and comprehensive analysis.

One-stop data integration: Access data on various companies, including standardized financial statements, regulatory filings, market reports, and more. You can even integrate data from CSV/Excel files, PDFs, public APIs, Snowflake, SQL databases, and other sources into a unified platform.

Customizable dashboards: Design dashboards that suit your specific needs, with widgets displaying key metrics, market trends, and proprietary data.

Web-Based Accessibility

Our platform's web-based nature allows you to access your data from anywhere, without
the need to wait for a computer at the library.

Flexible access: Work from any location, whether it's your dorm, a coffee shop, or home. All you need is an internet connection to access your data and analytics tools.

Real-time collaboration: Collaborate with classmates and professors in real-time, sharing insights and data easily through our platform.

Excel Integration for Assignments and Modeling

OpenBB's Excel add-in makes it easy to pull data directly into your spreadsheets for assignments and modeling, enhancing your academic projects.

Seamless Data Import: Use our Excel add-in to import data from our platform directly into your spreadsheets, enabling efficient data manipulation and analysis.

Enhanced Learning: Experiment with financial models and datasets, applying classroom concepts to real-world data and enhancing your understanding through practical application.

Streamlined Reporting and Presentation

Effective communication of research findings and insights is crucial in academia. Our platform simplifies the reporting process, allowing you to create and share compelling visualizations and reports.

Shareable dashboards: Create dashboards that can be easily shared with your team and stakeholders. Control access levels to maintain data security and integrity.

Reporting: Generate accurate and timely reports with built-in charting and sharing capabilities. Communicate your research findings effectively without the need for manual data exports and chart creation.

Enhancing Academic Research

Imagine you're working on a research project or assignment. With our Terminal Pro, you can:

Aggregate Diverse Data

Retrieve financial data, integrate proprietary research, and upload historical CSV files.

Visualize Trends and Opportunities

Create widgets for market trends, economic indicators, and performance comparisons.

Generate Insights with AI

Use our AI Copilot to identify key patterns and insights relevant to your research.

Collaborate and Share

Share dashboards for collaborative analysis and quick feedback.

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