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This demonstrates how to access the terminal using 3 different methods, if you have any trouble feel free to reach us through our Discord community or see more info on our installation page.

Steps to install:

  1. 1.Download the installer
  2. 2.Go through the installation steps (see our installation page)
  3. 3.Run "OpenBB Terminal" file





You will most likely receive the notification that “Windows protected your PC” (on Windows) or “Cannot check it for malicious software” (on macOS). Because this installer is still in the beta phase, we do not have requested verification from both Windows and Apple. Therefore, your computer will warn you about this which is what the message represents. Please visit our installation page for detailed instructions.


Python-based integrated environment for investment research that leverages state-of-the-art Data Science
and Machine Learning technologies.

Navigate through some of the 500+ functionalities offered
by OpenBB Terminal.


The most advanced and extensive menu containing a multitude of data sources as well as a large variety of fundamental, technical and quantitative techniques.

feature preview
Cumulative Sum is a sequential analysis technique. This shows that any custom function can easily be deployed to the terminal.


Given our open source nature and the decentralisation associated with digital assets, we are investing a lot of resources on this industry.

feature preview
Logarithmic regression on Bitcoin. As we mentioned, anything can be added to the terminal.


To encapsulate industries, sectors or entire markets, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offer a wide-variety of options next to allowing for a passively investing style. The terminal provides a variety of options to find and analyse the ETF that meets your needs.

feature preview
Learn about a variety of characteristics of an ETF, their sector holdings, top company holdings, risk statistics and more, through a customizable excel spreadsheet report.


As we saw from COVID, and multiple times in history, the overall economy has a big effect on the way we invest. This menu gives you an insight into interest and inflation rates, commodities, futures, economic impact events and even a fear-greed index.

feature preview
Apply a Long-Short Term Memory Neural Network or any other machine learning model, to any type of time-series whether that is economic, market or fundamental data.


Much of the Financial theory comes from Econometrics, the application of statistical methods to economic data. With this menu we provide the user the ability to use custom data to perform these advanced techniques including a variety of statistical tests and multi-linear regression models.

feature preview
Apply a time series regression using ordinary least-squares method to estimate the unknown parameters that better fit this dataset model.


As an investor, you must be frustrated over the affordable existing tools to help you manage your portfolio. We are too. This menu will help every investor track, assess and optimize their portfolio. Plus, we allow an unparalleled level of customization.

feature preview
The efficient frontier comprises investment portfolios that offer the highest expected return for a specific level of risk.


Fully started by an open source contributor, which shows the power of the community. This menu will help to understand better the currency fluctuations during economic events.

feature preview
Oanda broker integration allows to access the position book, order book, economic calendar events, and much more.

Mutual Funds

Get a good overview of the available mutual funds within the market. This will help you building your decision in terms of selecting a mutual fund to go with.

feature preview
Obtain an overview of the sector allocations for the fund.


An initial start to a menu that will expand greatly over time. Alternative data is crucial to making better informed decisions.

feature preview
Obtain a general overview of the COVID situation within a country.


This menu gives you the ability to create a large range of different automatic reports to perform due diligence in an instant. It streamlines and saves you something more important than money: time.

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Save time to focus on what matters: Decision making. These automatic reports will build up your customized research for you, and you will just need to pull the trigger.

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