OpenBB SDK provides a convenient way to access raw financial data from multiple data providers. This allows users to build custom financial dashboards and reports in minutes.

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OpenBB SDK gives you access to the same functionalities that are available through the OpenBB Terminal. Unlock unlimited possibilities building on top of the free open source financial SDK.

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A single line import

Access our fully fledged financial SDK with a single line of python code.

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Raw financial data at your fingertips

Access raw financial data from any data source that you are interested. The open source nature of this SDK makes it so that this is an ever-growing project and that everyone can contribute to.

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Generate insights 10x faster

For most of the functionalities, adding `_chart` to the function will allow you to visualize the output directly from a Jupyter Notebook. Not only speeding up the time it takes to create a plot for the data you are interested in, but making building custom reports much faster.

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