OpenBB Bot is a chatting bot for investment research that provides access to high quality financial data for both individual investors and online communities.

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OpenBB Bot provides users with access to high quality financial data ranging from Charting, Options, Darkpool, and Alerts, to Fundamental and General Stock information. Get started for Free or sign up for a paid tier for more exclusive access! Navigate through some of the 100+ commands offered by OpenBB Bot.

Customize Charting

Real time charting with OpenBB Bot. Customize your indicators and get pre-market/extended-hours charts.

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Intra-Day Charting with Extended Hours

Set Alerts

Schedule Crypto Alerts so you never miss a price move.

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Create your alerts on many different pairs


Get Access to 15m Delayed Options data and Live Flow Data

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Quickly gauge open interest with our unique charting views


With OpenBB bot you get 15m delayed Darkpool data at your fingertips

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Find large Darkpool levels


OpenBB Bot has tons of other features! Add us to your platform today to get started.

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Get the latest insider activity for AMD

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features we offer you a
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