We are OpenBB

We are building a modern investment research terminal designed for everyone and driven by our open source community.



"As a Software Developer and an AI/ML enthusiast, I decided to leverage modern data science tools to help me make sense out of investing. I started the development of the Gamestonk Terminal during the COVID Christmas break."

Didier Lopes


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As an open source company, we are nothing without a strong culture.

These are the values that we share.

People Driven

Having strong connections with open source, the company only exists to serve its people. Alone we are weak. Together we are strong.

Forward Thinking

Our people are curious and not scared of leaving their comfort zone to build what they believe in. Innovation always wins.

Customer Focused

By getting continuous feedback from our customers we can ensure that we develop financial tools tailormade for their exact needs.


Due to our origin, it comes without saying that we believe in transparency and being open. This level of honesty is what distinguishes us.

Fun and Energetic

Always promoting a fun and energetic environment for our people. A laugh a day keeps the competitor recruiters away.


While keeping our core open source, we want to be profitable. This will be achieved by our users trusting us to build a better team, and consequently, better products.

Our investors

None of this would be possible without the support of our investors.

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OSS Capital

(Joseph Jacks)

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Naval Ravikant

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Elad Gil

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Ram Shriram

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Larry Augustin

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Bob Young

Our advisors

Thank you for steering us in the right direction.

I'm excited about OpenBB's mission to leverage open source to bring innovation and democratize access to investment research.

Scott Williamson

Ex CPO at GitLab and VPP at SendGrid/Twilio

Our Team

Composed of experts in the intersection between finance knowledge and software engineering skills, we have the mission to empower every investor through our open source core terminal.

Join us. From anywhere.

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