Oct 16, 2022 2 MIN

Presenting Python & OpenBB at Utrecht University

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Some time ago I got approached by Utrecht University whether I'd be interested in providing a guest lecture to Finance students taking a workshop on Python. Being an alumni myself and enthusiastic about Python, I couldn't let this opportunity pass to return back to my former University.

Therefore, last week I did four presentations for Master students at the campus. My goal with these presentations was to enlighten the students to take Python seriously for their careers within the financial sector, explaining the practical application with personal experience. Furthermore, I wanted to highlight the capabilities of open source that is currently allowing much of the financial theory to become accessible and usable by any type of investor. This aligns well with what we, at OpenBB, stand for being open source, fully Python based and have the objective of making investment research available to everyone.

In the future, we will be doing more of these types of presentations to motivate and inspire students and professors from all over the world. Interested in viewing the presentation? See the video below.

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