Dec 6, 2022 2 MIN

Meet Sri Chilukuri

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I'm Sri and I serve as VP Product Marketing at OpenBB. I currently live in Menlo Park, California and have been a resident of Silicon Valley since 1985 when I first moved here to study Computer Science & Engineering at Santa Clara University. After graduation, I have worked at various technology companies over the years including Aluma, Intralinks, Content Circles, Xerox, Bellamax, VA Linux, Adobe, KLA, and Fairchild. I also earned an MBA in Finance & Marketing from Santa Clara University while I was employed at Adobe.

At OpenBB, my main task is to help create and bring exciting new products to market via entrepreneurial leadership and building high-performance teams. While I enjoy helping create new products and services, what I enjoy even more is mentoring others. Having been the beneficiary of some great mentors, I understand the importance of providing the same to others. So, I welcome anyone in the company to reach out to me if I can be any assistance no matter what their function is.

There are two key reasons why I joined OpenBB. First, OpenBB is solving a universal problem using Technology and Finance, the two primary areas of my professional interest. What started as a casual conversation with Larry Augustin, an advisor to OpenBB, very quickly turned into a serious conversation with Didier followed by James, Theo, and others about me joining OpenBB. That leads to my second reason for joining OpenBB - People! If there is one lesson I learnt over the years is that satisfaction comes from working with good people, not technologies or companies, which are merely ephemeral unlike people. The candidness I experienced during my conversations with everyone at OpenBB made me feel like a kindred spirit leading me to join OpenBB. Need I say that transparency is a company value that I really care about?

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