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OpenBB Terminal 3.1.0

We're excited to share with you the latest release of OpenBB Terminal - version 3.1.0! This update brings a host of new functionalities aimed at enhancing your user experience. Read on to discover the exciting features we've added.

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One of the most highly anticipated features is here: AskOBB. As hinted at on Twitter a few months ago, we have integrated Language Learning Models (LLMs) into our terminal. Leveraging the power of OpenAI and Llama-Index, we've launched a beta functionality that transforms your prompt into an OpenBB command.

For example, if you want to get the last price of a ticker, let's say AAPL, we can run the following command:

2023 Jun 14, 16:25 (🐛) / $ askobb --prompt What is the last price of apple stock

Suggested Command: stocks/quote -t AAPL

If this command does not work, please refine your question and try again.
Would you like to run this command?(y/n)

While other financial LLMs will return a value at a given point in time, we have designed AskOBB to return the command that best matches your request.

As with any prompt, the more information you provide, the more likely you are to get the data you desire. Some things that may improve the accuracy are including keywords or start dates. Let’s look at another example:

2023 Jun 16, 14:08 (🐛) / $ askobb -p what is the unemployment rate of usa

Suggested Command: economy/trust -c united_states -s 2023-06-09 -e 2023-06-09

That is not the desired command. But if we give it some extra syntax, including that it is macroeconomic:

2023 Jun 16, 14:09 (🐛) / $ askobb -p macroeconomic unemployment rate of united states

Suggested Command: economy/macro -p URATE -c united_states -s 1993-06-02 -e 2023-06-16

This is the desired command!

As we can see, there are additional arguments provided. We can provide a bit more context, such as “starting in 2010” or “do not include extra days”.

By default, AskOBB utilizes the GPT 3.5 Turbo model and is accessible to users who have registered an account on the OpenBB Hub. If you prefer to use GPT-4, you have the option to supply your own OpenAI key.

What's more, we've added an exciting functionality that allows you to execute the command directly if it meets your requirements. You can also provide feedback using the fb option, enabling us to continually iterate and make AskOBB even more powerful with the help of our community.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post where we'll delve into the journey of creating AskOBB from scratch, involving collaboration with LlamaIndex, Langchain, and OpenAI.

Routine Enhancements

One of the best reasons to use our OpenBB Hub is to manage your routines. For anyone new to OpenBB, routines are a collection of commands that use our OpenBB scripting language to automate your workflow.

With OpenBB 3.1.0, we've amplified the scripting capabilities. Users can now declare variables, slice them, or loop through a variable number of inputs, enabling greater flexibility and control over your workflow automation.

In addition to the enhanced scripting capabilities, we've introduced the ability to upload recorded routines to your OpenBB Hub account. Similar to using an Excel macro, you can begin recording a routine using the record command. This will give you the option to add a name, description and tag. For example:

record -n my-routine -d This is my daily workflow

You then enter commands as usual and they will be recorded to my-routine.openbb. The recording can be stopped by running stop. The file will then be uploaded to your Hub account for later use.


In a later blog post, we will take a deep dive into the origins of OpenBB Script Routines and share how you can supercharge your productivity by 10x using them.

OAuth Login

To enhance your overall experience, we've introduced OAuth login functionality. Now, you can log into the OpenBB Hub and OpenBB Terminal not only with your email and password but also through your Google, GitHub, or Discord accounts. Enjoy a seamless and convenient login process across platforms.


Additional improvements and enhancements

In addition to standard housekeeping and bug squashing, we have added two other features to highlight:

  1. Integrated News Sentiment: OpenBB Terminal now incorporates news sentiment from Onclusive. Discover this feature by using the stocks/ba/ns function, allowing you to gain valuable insights into market sentiment.
  1. Enhanced Options Interface: We've upgraded the SDK's options interface, introducing two new data sources and a cleaner user interface. Experience the improved functionality through the openbb.stocks.options.load_options_chains function, providing comprehensive stats by expiration and a breakdown of various options strategies.

Experience the power of OpenBB Terminal 3.1.0 by signing up for an account on the OpenBB Hub. If you're currently using an older version, please ensure to uninstall it before downloading the latest release to enjoy all the exciting new features.

Download the latest version and let us know what you think!

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