May 9, 2023 4 MIN

OpenBB Terminal 3.0: A New Interactive Way to Analyze Data

Nothing has changed, yet everything is different. A game-changing update empowering users with interactive charts and tables

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Our commitment to listening to user feedback and continuously improving our platform has led to a major update that will revolutionize the way you analyze data. One of the main requests from our community has been regarding the interactivity of the charts and tables output by the OpenBB Terminal. We are happy to say that we have delivered on this request with a complete overhaul of the terminal plotting library.

Not only that, but our engineering team wasn't happy with the technical solutions available to bring interactivity to the terminal. So, in a true open-source fashion, the team built our own open-source library which will be announced soon.

Interactive Charts: Uncover Insights at Your Fingertips

One of the most significant additions in this update is the introduction of interactive charts. Gone are the days of static data representations. With the OpenBB Terminal, you can now immerse yourself in a dynamic visual experience. Hover over specific data points to reveal detailed information, or effortlessly adjust the charts using intuitive pan and zoom capabilities. But that's not all—our drawing tools and annotations allow you to highlight crucial data points and ranges, giving you complete control over your analysis.

Through our user interviews, we discovered that many users faced challenges when overlaying financial time series. Taking this into account, we've designed our new charting feature to make this process seamless. With the ability to easily overlay time series data and combine it with our powerful data exporting capabilities, OpenBB Terminal empowers you to perform in-depth analysis with unparalleled ease and precision.

Interactive Tables: Simplify Complex Data Exploration

We listened to our users' concerns about readability when dealing with large tables, and we have addressed these challenges head-on. The OpenBB Terminal now boasts interactive tables that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Leveraging our innovative open-source project, we have crafted a state-of-the-art table that is easy on the eyes and effortlessly responsive. Sorting, filtering, and manipulating table data has never been easier. This game-changing feature enables you to quickly and efficiently extract insights from vast amounts of data, enhancing your productivity and saving valuable time.

New Fixed Income menu

In addition to the remarkable advancements in interactivity, we have squashed bugs and introduced a new Fixed Income menu. This means you now have access to an even wider range of data to fuel your analysis. OpenBB Terminal ensures that you are equipped with the right tools to gain a competitive edge in your investment research.

Wrap up: Embrace the Future of Data Analysis

We firmly believe that these new features will take your user experience to new heights and unlock a realm of possibilities for data analysis. Our dedicated team has poured countless hours into bringing these cutting-edge features to life, and we cannot wait to witness the impact they will have on your work.

To further amplify our commitment to open source, we will open source a powerful project that taps into web browser functionality from Python, opening up endless opportunities for developers and data enthusiasts.

We value your feedback and are eager to iterate on the OpenBB Terminal to ensure it meets your evolving needs. Reach out to us via email at, Twitter, or Discord and let us know how we can enhance your experience further.

If you missed our exciting webinar unveiling these transformative features, fear not! We've got you covered. Watch the video below to catch up and witness firsthand the incredible new capabilities our team has unleashed.

Welcome to a new era of data analysis with OpenBB Terminal. Get ready to explore, discover, and gain a competitive edge like never before.

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