Nov 30, 2022 3 MIN

Experience the OpenBB Terminal 2.0 Launch Event

We are excited to share more about the OpenBB Terminal 2.0 launch event with an audience of over 1300 users and partners.

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Yesterday, we introduced the OpenBB Terminal 2.0 to an audience of over 1300 of our users and partners at a virtual event focused on the future of investment research. The event, hosted by Sri Chilukuri, Vice President of Product & Marketing at OpenBB, featured Didier Lopes, Founder & CEO at OpenBB, Jeroen Bouma, Product Manager at OpenBB, Minh Hoang, Product Manager at OpenBB, and Martin Bufi, Sr. Engineer at OpenBB, as speakers. Wish to know more about the OpenBB Terminal 2.0? Get a summary of the OpenBB Terminal 2.0 with our CEO here.

We were very excited to see the large engagement from the audience as we received 150 different questions throughout the webinar. These questions range from "How can I contribute to the OpenBB Terminal?" to "Where can I find more information about your products" to "Will this session be recorded and shared later?" and to the last question I can answer YES! Find the recording below.

After you have watched the recording, we invite you to fill in the survey as we would like to receive your input on the OpenBB Terminal and the future development of the OpenBB Terminal Pro. Find the survey here.

We will be doing many more of these webinars in the near future. If you want to stay up to date to these and more, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Discord or sign-up to our newsletter.

To recap what we have been showing in this event:

  • OpenBB Terminal 2.0 now includes a Software Development Kit (SDK) and an Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML) Toolkit.

  • OpenBB SDK provides access to all functions that underlie the OpenBB Terminal 2.0 so that individuals and institutions can use it to access raw financial data from multiple sources and build their own dashboards and applications using Jupyter Notebooks and code editors such as Microsoft's VS Code.

  • OpenBB AI/ML Toolkit allows OpenBB Terminal 2.0 users to bring in their proprietary financial and non-financial data and combine it with multiple other sources of data available in the OpenBB Terminal to train and use intelligent time-series based forecasting models.

Stay tuned for a lot more to come! 🦋

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