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OpenBB Champions - Jason Strimpel

Jason Strimpel's passion for teaching and simplifying complex concepts aligned perfectly with OpenBB's mission to democratize financial data access. That’s why we are super proud to announce that Jason Strimpel - founder of PyQuant News - is our next OpenBB Champion.

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In the rapidly evolving world of quantitative finance and algorithmic trading, success often depends on the tools and platforms traders and analysts use. One individual, who has not only harnessed the power of these tools, but has also become a significant influencer and educator in the field, is Jason Strimpel.

Jason's impressive career and his pivotal role in the OpenBB community made him a clear choice to be interviewed for our series of OpenBB Champions.

Through PyQuant News and his upcoming course, Jason continues to pave the way for aspiring quants to master Python and algorithmic trading. He uses the OpenBB Terminal as a transformative tool at the heart of his teaching methodology.

PyQuant Newsletter

Jason often shares insights about the OpenBB SDK through his PyQuant Newsletter, which has over 20,000 subscribers. Find out more here.

Read on to discover more about his background and learn about how we crossed paths.

A nonlinear path to expertise

With a passion for computers and programming that started at a young age, Jason's journey led him through various roles in finance and technology. Whilst he might not have followed a traditional computer science career, his intuitive understanding of technology and his experience in trading and risk management have shaped his unique perspective on the quant finance landscape.

Jason's journey began with a keen interest in capital markets and trading. From trading his first stock at the age of 18, to overseeing risk management during the financial crisis at JP Morgan, he continually honed in on his skills in quantitative finance and trading.

Solidifying his expertise, he even completed a master's degree in quantitative finance and trading in 2012.

Through various roles in hedge funds, risk management, and trading, Jason's career took some unexpected turns. These include his stints as a Chief Information Officer for an agricultural trading business in Southeast Asia and ventures into fintech and venture capital investing during the cryptocurrency boom of 2017-2019.

One of the defining moments in Jason's career was his decision to join Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Program Manager, his current position, building data and analytics solutions for capital market companies.

The birth of PyQuantNews and the collaboration with OpenBB

Amidst his professional journey, and because of his desire to share his knowledge and passion, Jason created PyQuant News. This is a platform through which he provides aspiring traders and finance enthusiasts with valuable insights into algorithmic trading.

Jason's genuine commitment to helping others navigate the complex world of finance and programming earned him a substantial following on social media. His insightful content eventually caught the attention of our CEO, Didier Lopes.

The turning point came when Jason posted a thread about the OpenBB Terminal, highlighting its game-changing capabilities for data retrieval and analysis:

PyQuant Newsletter

And the rest is history.

This moment marked the beginning of his collaboration with OpenBB and finally brought us here today.

OpenBB: “A game changer for education”

As an educator and content creator, Jason recognized the unparalleled efficiency of the OpenBB Terminal. With it’s ability to seamlessly retrieve and manipulate data using simple code, this significantly streamlined his teaching process.

Jason now uses the OpenBB Terminal and the OpenBB SDK in his courses, empowering his students to overcome the challenges he faced earlier in his career. This integration equips students with a powerful tool that accelerates their learning and gives them a competitive edge in the industry.

Our new OpenBB Champion even shared a routine on Community Routines recently.

Take a look at how easy it is here.

The future of OpenBB and quantitative finance

Looking forward, Jason envisions an even more impactful role for OpenBB in the quant finance landscape.

He believes that OpenBB products will become an essential tool, particularly for small investment shops and research advisors who require customized data solutions and professional support.

Jason believes in OpenBB so much to provide the standardized high-quality data he needs, that he’s using our SDK in a new upcoming course. This course is part of Quant Science (a new venture in conjunction with Matt Dancho) and the goal is to teach students to build algorithmic trading strategies with Python.

You can join the waitlist here.

PyQuant Newsletter


As OpenBB evolves to meet the needs of both beginners and professionals, Jason Strimpel's journey remains a shining example of the power of passion, perseverance, and innovative technology in the world of finance.

His journey really is an inspiration for all of us at OpenBB, and the fact that he sees such value in what we’ve been building is beyond motivating.

Curious to know more? Don't miss the chance to watch the full interview:

If you’re like Jason or Derek and have been leveraging our products to enhance your investment strategies, do not miss the chance to share your story with us and the community.

Reach out to us at and become the next OpenBB Champion. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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