Oct 28, 2022 2 MIN

OpenBB Bot arrives on telegram

OpenBB Bot just launched on a new platform

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Hello Again!

We have some very exciting news about the OpenBB Bot!

We are now launching on Telegram!!

What is OpenBB Bot and what can it do?

For those of you not familiar with our bot from Discord - The OpenBB Bot has over 100 commands that focus on Crypto, Stocks, Options, Forex, NFTs, and much more! You can see some of the features here.

Along with our commands we also allow quite a bit of customization for the end user:

  • Autoposting (Discord Only - Telegram Feature coming soon!)
  • Chart Themes
  • Customize Charting – expanded ability to add indicators to free users
  • Billboard Message (Server only) – create your own Billboard Messages!
  • Alerts
  • Personal Watchlist

-How can I use OpenBB Bot?

If you have Telegram you can start using bot now by clicking on the button below or check out the documentation.

Add bot to Telegram

We offer many more features by registering for the bot which you can do here as well - Just sign up and link your account - Register Here

This has been a dream of ours for awhile to be available on every social platform and this is our first big step to expanding the reach of OpenBB Bot.

Our bot has everything you need to keep your community engaged. Our goal with our bot and the openBB platform as a whole is to democratize market data for everyone - making it quick and easy to access high quality investment data. Give us a try, your community will thank you! :)

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