Jul 26, 2023 3 MIN

OpenBB Affiliate Program is here

We know finding trustworthy financial datasets is challenging. That's why OpenBB Affiliate Program gathers a group of trusted data providers to offer our users access to reliable data and other exclusive incentives.

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At OpenBB, we understand having access to high-quality financial data is key to informed investment decisions. However, finding trustworthy datasets can be a challenge. In fact, that is among the most frequently asked questions that we received.

That drove us to find an easier way for our users and the open-source community to access trusted data providers. We're excited to introduce the OpenBB Affiliate Program, which allows you to offer exclusive incentives to OpenBB users.

Why an Affiliate Program?

OpenBB doesn't own any data. Instead, we focus on providing an integrated investment research platform and standardized data across providers. We enable users to choose the best datasets for their needs from various vendors instead of locking them into our own data.

We have been trying to make it easier to find, source, and connect with high-quality data sources. Our latest Hub launch introduced API Key Management features, allowing you to manage API keys directly from a web page. This reduces friction and puts the focus back on what matters most: accessing valuable data.

We believe there's more we can do. With almost 100 data providers integrated inside the OpenBB Terminal, choosing the right provider might not be easy. That's why we decided to launch the OpenBB Affiliate Program. We have partnered with multiple trusted data providers to offer you exclusive incentives, making it easier to try and evaluate whether the dataset fulfilled your needs.

Exclusive access to data promotions

In this launch, we have included multiple providers across asset classes, from Equities, Fixed Income to Fundamental data. We are currently in talks with other data providers to offer offers to our users. Getting access to the OpenBB Affiliate Program is simple. You simply need to register for OpenBB Hub and browse through available datasets and promotions. The promotions differ depending on the providers, and you can see all of the information here on our Affiliate Program page.

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Effortless Access to High-Quality Data

The OpenBB Affiliate Program marks just the beginning of our ambitious vision where access to investment research and high-quality data is made available to everyone.

Over the past few years, we talked to countless investors, equity analysts, data scientists, and fund managers. We noticed that the current way of sourcing, validating, and integrating with high-quality data sources is very cumbersome, costly, and inefficient. Many firms have the entire department just to do exactly that.

We are rethinking the problem and actively addressing this issue that tens of thousands of small-to-medium firms are experiencing. At the end of the day, we strive to simplify and streamline the entire data management journey, from discovery, and accessibility to integration.

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Want to be a part of the OpenBB Affiliate Program?

If you are a provider and would like to join OpenBB Affiliate Program, please reach out to us at hello@openbb.co, or fill in a form on the OpenBB Partners page.

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