Dec 21, 2022 2 MIN

Meet Minh Hoang

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My name is Minh and I’m a Product Manager at OpenBB. I am originally from Hochiminh City, Vietnam. At the age of 17, I then moved to Finland to do my Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Economics and then moved to Portugal to finish my Master’s Degree in Finance.

If I were to describe my career in two words, they would be “Finance“ and “Technology“. Early in my career, I worked in the Investment Banking department at BNP Paribas, advising companies and executing M&A transactions. This gave me a great understanding of how the Finance industry operates in general, as well as how the finance theories are applied in the real world. I then got to know about the amazing world of Data Science. I was passionate about the field, but also, I knew that I can make a lot of impact by building products from the ground up. From then on, I’ve joined various early-stage Fintech companies. I built Analytics infrastructure, and created ML models that solve business problems, such as credit defaults, and student loans.

With my passion for Fintech, I was thrilled to know about OpenBB and its mission to democratize investment research, an area that was dominated by monopolistic and proprietary players. I still remembered the day when I had to queue in line, at my university, to use Bloomberg for my equity research report. With OpenBB, I can see one day when everyone can get access to high-quality data, and excellent analytics & ML capabilities built on top. We all know that investing is one of the best ways to build wealth and reach financial independence. That’s why the work we do at the company matters a lot to me.

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