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The day I put Gamestonk Terminal live on GitHub, is a day that I will never forget

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The day I put Gamestonk Terminal (now OpenBB Terminal) live on GitHub, is a day that I will never forget.

I changed the repository from private to public, posted that the repo live on my LinkedIn, Reddit and HackerNews and went to watch a movie. If I had received 3 messages regarding feedback on the terminal that would have made my day, but instead I got over 300 right away. The terminal got over 4k stars in less than 24 hours and I stayed awake all night replying to people and fixing bugs (I didn’t even stress test the terminal because this was a work in progress for myself).

In a short period of time, the terminal was reaching thousands of people. They weren’t excited about what I had developed per se, but for the vision of democratising access to investment research through an open source platform. Something no one had ever tried before. With the increase of retail investors due to apps such as Robinhood and Coinbase, Covid times where people stayed at home and learn about investing (including myself), and the Gamestop rally... the timing was perfect.

That made me realise that in order to meet the expectations of building this platform, I needed to put together a team. Not just any team. We would need to put together a dream team. I wanted a group of people that believed in this crazy idea as much as I did…

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… and were willing to spend part of their lives working towards achieving this goal. For that, we needed to look for people across the world regardless of their background, gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. And so, we did.

The cartoon shown above is the team that Rick (Rick and Morty, season 4 episode 3) put together, below is mine:

Nowadays, I still receive several messages daily with overwhelming feedback regarding the OpenBB Terminal. I always share these with the team, since the platform is what it is today not only because of me, but because of them and we have built along with the support from our community.

We’ve been working on a different style of blogpost where each of our team members talks a bit about themselves and their journey since joining OpenBB. You can find out more here.

Perhaps the next step is to get to know our top contributors using our open source contributors podium?

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