Mar 9, 2023

Meet Rita Soares

Rita is UI/UX Designer here at OpenBB. Here is her story!

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My name is Rita and I’m a designer at OpenBB. I currently live in Coimbra, Portugal. My design journey started in 2016, when I decided to study Design and Multimedia at the University of Coimbra. During this time I used to imagine myself as a Pablo Picasso, being an painter and creating what I like to call “works of art”. However, over time I discovered my passion for UI/UX design and here I am. I feel that this experience is just the beginning. There is a lot of information to learn still as a UI/UX designer and I am always open to new ways of working because I feel there is always room for improvement and growth.

The first time I heard about OpenBB was through a good friend and now coworker - Jose Donato. He told me he was working on a very promising project and that they were in need of a designer to develop the website. I used to work on small projects as UI/UX designer and therefore I saw this opportunity as a way to expand my knowledge and put my experience into practice. Shortly thereafter the company extended the invitation for me to join full time and I saw this as an amazing opportunity. In these last few months I worked with people from different cultures, countries, backgrounds and it has been a really enriching and rewarding experience. I am very excited for what the future will bring as I see the company growing in such an exponential way.

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