Oct 7, 2022 2 MIN

Meet Andrew Kenreich

My name is Andrew and I’m the Engineering Manager at OpenBB. I graduated from Grand Valley State University in Michigan with a degree in Information Systems.

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I previously worked for a small company as a System Administrator doing just about anything that was computer or server related. During that time, I also found a passion and interest in the stock market and big data, which eventually led me to OpenBB.

Most people know me from my Discord bot, OptionsFamBot. It was a culmination of years of working with Python and listening to community feedback to make the best bot for financial information. I enjoyed being the sole owner of the bot but I knew I needed a bigger team to take it to the next level. Enter OpenBB.

It all started with a chance encounter on Twitter and a perfect phone call. After a few chats with Didier (CEO at OpenBB) and James (COO at OpenBB), we decided to join forces and I came on full time to join the team and guide the bot development. OpenBB stood for everything I was already pursuing by democratizing market data and making data/tools previously available only to institutions easily accessible to all.

In addition to the bot work at OpenBB, I also worked on making an installer for the OpenBB Terminal to help users get started accessing the vast amount of commands it offers. This enabled the thousands of people who use our project, but have a lack of programming knowledge, to both install and use with ease.

I’m super excited to continue working on all of our projects at OpenBB and level the playing field of market data access. Our team here is highly skilled, motivated, and ready to make the OpenBB vision a reality.

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