Oct 18, 2023 2 MIN

Introducing new auto-posting features for the OpenBB Bot

We're excited to announce an expansion of our OpenBB Bot's auto-posting capabilities, inspired by invaluable user feedback.

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A few weeks ago, a user approached us with some confusion regarding the premium features of our OpenBB Bot, particularly the auto-posting functionality.

They suggested that auto-posting should have any command available, rather than being limited to the feeds we currently provide - Flow, Darkpool, and Market Heatmaps ([feeds | OpenBB Docs](https://docs.openbb.co/bot/usage/customizing/server#auto-posting-feeds-discord-only)). So with the user's feedback in mind, we set out to make this happen on the OpenBB Bot.

Enhanced Auto Posting

We've made significant enhancements to our auto-posting feature. Now, all servers with a free registered tier (simply register and link your server at my.openbb.co) or a paid tier can set up any command as an auto-post.

  • Free tier users can now create up to 5 auto-posts.
  • Paid tier users can enjoy up to 25 auto-posts, up from the previous 10.

Getting Started

Visit our documentation here to learn how to set up your auto-posts effortlessly.

Example Use Case

Let's run through a quick example.

Suppose you want to display the TSLA chart in your Discord room every hour, along with open interest data.

OpenBB Bot screenshot

Now I simply hit the Text inputs and select my ticker - TSLA and hit Confirm:

OpenBB Bot screenshot

Now following the same example we can add the open interest as well:

OpenBB Bot screenshot

And now I start seeing my auto posts come in:

OpenBB Bot screenshot

You can further customize your auto-posts by setting start and end times to suit your preferences. If you ever want to manage or remove auto-posts, simply run /autopost commands manage.

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Your Feedback Matters!

We value your feedback and ideas. Please don't hesitate to reach out with suggestions or comments about our products and projects. Your input helps us tailor our offerings to your needs. Share your thoughts here [Request Features | OpenBB Bot](https://my.openbb.co/app/bot/request-a-feature)!

We hope these new features will benefit your community workflow, and we look forward to implementing more of your feature requests in the future!

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