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How GPTStonks integrated the OpenBB Platform

GPTStonks introduced a financial personal assistant that offers vital insights for retail investors into markets, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and financial news, aimed at enhancing informed decision-making. It integrates the OpenBB Platform and its comprehensive data services through natural language queries, simplifying access to real-time financial data and analytics without needing to navigate complex command syntax.

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What is GPTStonks?

GPTStonks is a financial personal assistant for retail investors that offers crucial insights into markets, currencies, cryptocurrencies, financial news, and much more.

It is designed to aid in making informed financial decisions by providing up-to-date news and analyses.

Tailored for both experienced traders and newcomers, GPTStonks serves as a comprehensive guide through market trends and investment strategies.

How is GPTStonks leveraging OpenBB?

GPTStonks leverages OpenBB's robust data services by allowing users to use the OpenBB Platform commands through natural language queries within GPTStonks Chat.

This integration enables users to access real-time financial data and analytics without the need to learn complex command syntax, making market research more accessible.

The incorporation of LangChain agents and tailored embeddings ensures that user requests are accurately interpreted and executed, providing a seamless bridge to OpenBB Platform’s reliable data sources.

This approach enhances user experience by combining the intuitive interaction model of GPTStonks with the comprehensive and reliable financial data from the OpenBB Platform, offering a powerful tool for investors seeking informed decision-making capabilities.

How to use it

A user aiming to employ the OpenBB Platform through GPTStonks Chat Community Edition (CE) would typically proceed through a series of steps:

  1. Register for free on the OpenBB Hub.

  2. Go to the API Keys section and input your API keys for selected financial data providers. Check out for a detailed explanation.

  3. Subsequently, in GPTStonks Chat's settings, you can input your OpenBB Personal Access Token (PAT).

  4. Finally, you can seamlessly request specific financial data, such as historical stock prices, by posing natural language queries within the chatbot.

For more details see How to run GPTStonks Chat Community Edition (CE) on Your Personal Computer.

GPTStonks Chat CE’s best configuration

For a detailed analysis, check out GPTStonks Documentation.

Examples of queries

Any query expressed in natural language can be processed.

GPTStonks Chat API will try to give the best command response (and execution) according to OpenBB’s documentation.

Here are some input examples to help you leverage OpenBB through GPTStonks Chat CE:

  • I’ll need the historical price of NVDA
  • What is the price of EURUSD?
  • Get the last 4 years of AAPL balance sheet data
  • Get the latest CPI data for the US

Hosted version

GPTStonks will soon release a web version of GPTStonks Chat. See it in action in the video below and join their beta waitlist.

Get started with the OpenBB Platform

Accessing financial data can be a struggle, requiring significant time and effort.

Our open-source Platform simplifies this process by providing a single endpoint to connect with almost 100 different data sources, from asset classes such as equity, options, crypto, forex, macro economy, fixed income, alternative datasets, and more.

We built the OpenBB Platform with scalability and flexibility in mind so you can rely on our Python library or get financial data through a web API.

Check out our Platform page or explore the Documentation and start today!

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