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Hacktoberfest: Join us in celebrating open source

Hacktoberfest is an annual event promoting open-source contributions throughout October. At OpenBB, we've embraced this spirit since the beginning, evolving from a community-driven project to a company dedicated to empowering our community. This Hacktoberfest, we're excited to promote the rebuilt OpenBB SDK, now rebranded as the OpenBB Platform. Contribute to our project and contact us to win OpenBB merch!

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What is Hacktoberfest?

Hacktoberfest is DigitalOcean's annual month-long event that encourages individuals to contribute to open-source projects during October.

Open-source projects form the backbone of modern technology, powering everything from essential infrastructure to innovative applications.

Many of these projects are maintained by passionate individuals or small teams with limited resources.

Hacktoberfest is a celebration of the open-source community, an opportunity to give back to these projects, sharpen your skills, and recognize the people behind the code.

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Why we're joining Hacktoberfest

At OpenBB, we believe in the power of open source. We started as a community-driven project and have since evolved into a company committed to supporting our community.

This Hacktoberfest, we're excited to share our progress with the OpenBB Platform. We've undergone a complete codebase refactor, transforming it into a core with extension frameworks. Our goal is to collaborate with you and the community to build what you envision for the platform.

Introducing the OpenBB Platform & the OpenBB Terminal

The heart of our ecosystem, previously known as the OpenBB SDK, is now the OpenBB Platform.

Powered by Python and utilizing fantastic libraries like PyWry, Pydantic, and FastAPI, the Platform provides access to various financial datasets. We've reimagined the architecture to enable users to create new extensions seamlessly. Your extensions can now interact with other extensions, offering flexibility and versatility in defining custom finance workflows.

The OpenBB Terminal, born as the OG Gamestonk Terminal, is a beloved project within our community.

We're thrilled to introduce OpenBB Terminal v4, powered by the OpenBB Platform. Like its predecessor, the Terminal empowers users with many commands to access and manipulate data, automate financial workflows, and sync work with the Hub.

How you can contribute

We invite you to check out our Hacktoberfest Issues and explore the many ways you can contribute to our project.

Take a look at our Contributing Guidelines and get started today!

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As an example, we’ve put together a small tutorial to help you add a data set to the OpenBB Platform:

Why contribute? What's in it for you?

Contributing to OpenBB comes with several rewarding benefits:

  • Experience: Gain hands-on experience in a thriving open-source finance project.

  • Recognition: Be acknowledged as an early contributor to the OpenBB Platform, making a lasting impact.

  • Swag: Have the chance to receive swag because you were part of this exciting journey!

Qualify for Swag

GitHub contributors

To qualify for an OpenBB t-shirt or hat (your choice!), all you need to do is:

  • 5 no-code contributions; or
  • 3 code/performance enhancements; or
  • 1 non-extension feature (this can be something in the core or adding endpoints to an existing extension)

In order to get both the OpenBB t-shirt and the hat, you’ll have to create:

  • 1 Custom OpenBB Extension

Once you've completed your contribution, please follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on the OpenBB Hub at my.openbb.co.
  2. Either DM us (or Didier) on Twitter, email us at hello@openbb.co, or hop into our Discord with your PR (or PyPi extension link).
  3. Let us know what swag you'd like us to ship and where.

Join us in making a difference in open source and finance - check out our GitHub and help shaping the future of OpenBB!

Let's celebrate Hacktoberfest by building something great together!

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