Aug 16, 2023 3 MIN

Community Routines are here

This new feature will allow you to share your investment research scripts while learning from other users and connecting with the community. Investment research has never been so easy and collaborative. Learn how to get started today for free!

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The OpenBB Terminal has been discounted.

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Today we are announcing Community Routines!

This will enable the community to share their investment research scripts and streamline everyone's investment research workflow.

Now you can easily see how other power users take advantage of OpenBB scripts and enhance your workflow or just borrow from others.

A few weeks ago, we posted about OpenBB Routines. This blog post covers all the details, explaining why our scripting language is so powerful. In that article, you will find examples of what you can do, demonstrating that your imagination is the limit when it comes to different scripts.

Some of the features include:

  • Comments
  • External arguments
  • Internal variables
  • Relative keywords
  • Loops
  • Arrays and slicing

However, we were missing the community component associated with these scripts, and that’s why we built Community Routines.

When you go into the Community Routines page here, this is what you’ll find:

Community Routines homepage

There are 3 categories where you can find a collection of scripts:

  • Hot: high rate of recent upvotes

  • Popular: most-voted scripts

  • New: recently added scripts

The icon on the left allows you to upvote your favorite scripts and see how many times they have been voted by the community.

In addition, if you are looking for a specific script, you can use the advanced search field to filter by username, description, tags, and even date time.

Community Routines - advanced search

When clicking on one of these scripts, you’ll be able to access the information associated with it - the username, title, description, and the script itself.

Community Routines - script information

Plus you’ll have 2 possible actions:

  • Save that routine to your personal collection - so you can edit it directly on the Hub and save it for terminal usage.

  • Download the routine to your desktop - so you can share it with others or tweak it locally.

When you click on the “Share” icon associated with a routine, you’ll be prompted with a link to share that routine with your colleagues.

Community Routines - share

The goal is that more users can benefit from other users' investment research workflow.

In addition, if you select the check box “Run on terminal”, an “exe” will be added at the start of the link so you can copy-paste it into the OpenBB Terminal to run that same script.

Finally, users can set their scripts to public or keep them private.

Want to take a look at how this actually works in real life? Our CEO explains it in less than 3 minutes:

In the screenshot below, I have a private routine that implements the new TimeGPT-1 (Beta) model from our friends at Nixtla.

Community Routines - timegpt

Also, don’t forget to set your socials on your account so other OpenBB users can reach out to you to ask you more questions about your routines.

Community Routines - socials

We hope you take advantage of this exciting addition and learn how to use one of the best features the terminal has to offer.

Share your favorite routines with the community on Twitter or Linkedin, or join our Discord to ask for help.

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