Aug 23, 2022 1 MIN

Meet Colin Delahunty

My name is Colin and I am currently a software engineer at OpenBB. I have a MBA in finance and an undergraduate degree in finance and accounting. Coming from a financial background has helped me provide value to OpenBB in a unique way. I have been able to add specific commands like the discounted cash flows command which allows for a detailed analysis of a companies' financials.

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$ /stocks/load GOOG/fa/dcf
stocks GOOG/fa/dcf

As a software engineer, I help create tools that make financial information more accessible to everyone. I mainly focus on creating APIs in FastAPI, creating tools that process data, and adding new features to the terminal. I learned about OpenBB from this post on r/python. After talking with our CEO, Didier Lopes, I began contributing in my free time.

After a couple months, I was given an offer to join the company. I took this offer because I believe in the importance of free financial information for everyone, and because of how strong the team is. So far in my year at OpenBB, I have been able to work on a bunch of different projects. That one that I loved the most was a refactoring of the entire terminal to use more class inheritance. This reduced the amount of python code in our repository by about 10,000 lines. It also allowed us to add terminal-wide features much faster.

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