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Case Study: How Tera Capital speeds up investment research with OpenBB

Learn how Tera Capital, a multi-family office with $2B AUM, improved its investment strategy using OpenBB Terminal Pro. With advanced features like BYOD, custom backend integration, and sophisticated visualization tools, Tera Capital can now efficiently manage diverse portfolios and provide real-time insights to clients. Read on to learn everything.

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Tera Capital is a multi-family office fund based in Brazil, managing portfolios for 15 families with a total of $2 billion in assets under management (AUM). These families are notable entrepreneurs in the tech, environment, and banking sectors. Tera invests in diverse asset classes, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, fixed income, and startup investments.


Jose Governo joined Tera last year with the mission to enhance their investment strategy using data-driven decision-making technology. His objective is to develop an advanced asset allocation system powered by data and machine learning. To achieve this, Jose needs a robust financial data aggregator and a flexible platform to securely integrate proprietary techniques and metrics.

Solution with OpenBB Terminal Pro

Bring Your Own Data (BYOD)

OpenBB Terminal Pro allows Tera to import all necessary datasets in a single platform, including data for offshore mutual funds and private debt instruments.

This BYOD feature ensures Tera has a centralized and comprehensive data platform, essential for accurate and efficient asset management.

Advanced Custom Backend Integration

OpenBB Terminal Pro enables Tera to integrate their proprietary models using an advanced custom backend. This capability ensures that Tera can:

  • Optimize a diversified portfolio, including equities, fixed income, hedge funds, real estate, and more.

  • Maintain confidentiality and control over proprietary techniques and models.

Portfolio Management and Visualization

Portfolio Updates: Jose can effortlessly update portfolio holdings, ensuring all data remains current and accurate. OpenBB Terminal Pro provides advanced visualization tools to analyze portfolio performance and holdings in one place, aiding in the identification of trends and facilitating data-driven decisions.

Customizable Dashboard and Client Presentation

Dashboard Application: Jose creates a dashboard application to track and visualize the portfolio, providing real-time insights and performance metrics.

OpenBB Sharing Capabilities: Relationship managers use OpenBB's sharing capabilities to present portfolio performance to clients, enhancing transparency and engagement.


At Tera Capital, we plan to have the entire team access the OpenBB Terminal Pro. There’s no other product in the market that compares with it in terms of customizability and efficiency that it has to offer — we can fully control the dashboard layout, create our custom widgets, bring our datasets and even create reports from a dashboard. In addition, they added AI features that allow us to speed up our investment research process significantly, like summarizing news articles or earnings transcripts.

Jose Governo

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