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Case Study: How Planned Solutions is improving their investment research workflow with OpenBB

Discover how Planned Solutions, an investment advisory firm, revolutionized their investment research workflow with the OpenBB Add-in for Excel and Terminal Pro. By automating manual processes, Chase now updates complex financial worksheets with a single click, saving significant time and reducing errors. Read on to learn everything.

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Chase Armer, President of Planned Solutions and acclaimed author on financial planning, has expertly navigated the complex landscape of financial tools and resources to enhance his advisory services.

Over the years, he transitioned through various products to effectively gather and analyze economic and financial data. However, despite his efforts, Chase continually faced recurring challenges with each solution, resulting in inefficiencies and frustrations in his workflow.


To monitor his portfolio holdings and potential investment ideas, Chase built and maintained a comprehensive worksheet with over 2,000 public equities.

Despite trying various tools, none met his needs. One tool was slow and clunky, while another took too long to update or suffered from data unavailability.

For fundamental data updates, Chase had to hire an assistant to manually update 10-15 fields in the extensive worksheets. This manual process is costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors.

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To streamline his daily workflow, Chase adopted the OpenBB Add-in for Excel to automate his processes.

Now, all manual fields in the worksheets are replaced with OpenBB Excel commands, allowing him to effortlessly update all fields with a single click. This seamless automation was previously unattainable, compelling Chase and his team to operate on a quarterly cycle due to the highly manual updating process.

This is extremely valuable for us when the markets are volatile. Now even a complicated portfolio for a high net worth client can be updated, analyzed, and traded within hours rather than taking days to prepare for a meeting.

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With other solutions, Chase often struggled to access the same datasets from the Dashboard via the Excel Add-in. To resolve this discoverability issue, we implemented a feature that displays the corresponding Excel and Python functions for each widget.

Finally, we provide a Formula Builder with the Excel Add-in, enabling Chase to construct his own commands. This feature simplifies understanding all available options, such as quarterly or annual financial statements. Chase was impressed with this functionality, which has significantly eased his navigation through the Excel Add-in.


I am thrilled with the new solutions provided by OpenBB. Tasks that used to take us weeks can now be completed within a few hours saving approximately $30,000 in staffing costs. In addition, the data is easier to access, less error-prone, and more robust. This has significantly boosted the productivity of both myself and my assistant, allowing us to focus more on value-adding tasks including more one-on-one client time, expanding the scope of client services to include more advanced planning, and more nimble trading and investment strategy updating.

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You can explore the OpenBB Terminal Pro and Add-in for Excel in a 3-week free trial.

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