Mar 21, 2022 2 MIN

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A one minute video of what these routine automated scripts look like!

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Several people have asked me why Gamestonk Terminal doesn’t have release versions, and the main reason is because at the pace the team codes and the rate that new features / bug fixes appear it doesn’t yet makes sense to do so. To give you an example, recently I shared the first DEMO of what the terminal can do, and I mention about our “routines” automation concept.

One week later, using the latest version of the terminal, on top of that simplistic routine type you are able to:

  1. Provide variable input variables when calling the routine using $ARGV[i](I used Perl convention here eheh).
  2. Execute routines from within the terminal directly.
  3. Add comments to the routines so the process is more clear.
  4. Exporting data to a folder of choice is now possible.
  5. Exporting a file with a pre-defined name is now possible.
  6. Allow for the first line of the routines to be selecting a folder to export ALL the data.

See below a one minute video of what these routine automated scripts look like!

Reach out if you have any question to the team, there’s very little we can’t do! This is the way!





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