Shape your investment research. In minutes.

OpenBB is the world’s first open source fintech company that integrates dozens of data vendors into a single fully customizable platform.

OpenBB Terminal Pro

Customize your dashboard for your team

The OpenBB Terminal Pro provides a modern investment research platform for teams. It is as much collaborative as it is customizable.
Create your dashboard, use our templates, append widgets, share notes, export dashboards into reports, build charts from tables, integrate external APIs, and much more.
This is where vision meets value.

OpenBB Excel Add-in

Automate your workflows

Simplify your team's workflow with tailor-made Excel templates. Our Excel Add-In seamlessly fetches financial data, so you can focus on making investment decisions. Explore equity, fixed income, macro economy, crypto, and more.

Openbb Platform


The OpenBB Platform makes developing financial applications hassle free. It handles data aggregation and standardization across dozens of different vendors so you can focus on building an edge. And it’s open source.

Welcome to the openbb ecosystem



See what professionals are saying about us.

José Governo
José Governo
TERA Capital

With out-of-the-box aggregation of multiple sources of high quality data and provision of numerous sophisticated analysis tools, OpenBB Terminal 2.0 can help anyone perform investment research like a professional. And with the open and flexible new SDK, Python is the limit!

George Pu
George Pu

OpenBB has been transformative for us. It seamlessly integrates with our infrastructure, offering real-time data without the hefty price tag. This isn’t just a tool—it’s our edge in the competitive trading landscape. Thank you, OpenBB, for democratizing financial data access.

Arturo Aguilar
Arturo Aguilar

We have benefited from using OpenBB by incorporating ideas from their SDK and charting with the terminal dashboard function, also using their alternative data sources. Excitedly anticipating the arrival of the Pro!

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