Family Office

Family office tend to manage diverse asset classes, requiring efficient data integration and analysis for accurate wealth management. Our Terminal Pro is tailored to meet these needs, from asset allocation to client reporting.

Have all your datasets in one single platform

Family office need data from both public and private investments to effectively allocate assets and manage portfolios.
Our Terminal Pro enables you to integrate and manage these datasets on a single platform.

Comprehensive Market Data

Coverage of 30,000 public companies and 15 years of standardized financial statements. Real-time news, ETFs, currencies, and macroeconomic data are also supported.

Bring Your Own Data

Incorporate any proprietary data into your research environment, whether it's a CSV/JSON file, a PDF document, an API endpoint, an RSS feed, a local database, or warehouse like Snowflake.

Data Management

Manage all your datasets in one place and control your teams’ access to our product suite — Terminal Pro and Add-in for Excel. You choose which users can see and edit each dashboard.

Accelerate Your Investment Research and Strategy with ai

Conducting thorough research and developing investment strategies often involves labor-intensive processes. Our AI capabilities streamline these tasks, allowing you to focus on high-level analysis and decision-making.

Our AI Copilot can significantly speed up your research by allowing you to analyze industry reports, client portfolios, or market trends in a fraction of the time it would take you manually.

Share insights and reports

Create and share customized dashboards with your colleagues, senior management, or board members to easily communicate up-to-date financial performance, strategic plans, and market positioning. Our built-in charting enables quick visualization and insights extraction.

Trusted by professionals

At Tera Capital, we plan to have the entire team access the OpenBB Terminal Pro. There’s no other product in the market that compares with it in terms of customizability and efficiency that it has to offer - we can fully control the dashboard layout, create our custom widgets, bring our datasets and even create reports from a dashboard. In addition, they added AI features that allow us to speed up our investment research process significantly, like summarizing news articles or earnings transcripts.

José Governo Pais Neto, CFA, CQF

Partner at Tera Capital

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