Course Materials

OpenBB facilitates a few presentation materials that can be used in financial courses. This helps students understanding financial concepts in a practical setting.

Presentation Example

Preview of the "Introduction to the OpenBB Terminal" presentation which succintly explains how to work with the OpenBB Terminal.

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Other Presentations

While these presentations were created by OpenBB, they can be used (and edited) by anyone to teach financial concepts. In fact, OpenBB encourages users to develop their own materials and share with the community.

Public Equity

OpenBB offers 30+ years of public equities data, including financial statements, market data, and analyst estimates. Coca-Cola serves as a model for company analysis, demonstrating how OpenBB helps students evaluate investment opportunities and understand company performance.

Fixed Income

Learn how Central Bank decisions affect global financial markets by exploring the impact of government and corporate bond yields and spreads with OpenBB. Our course includes a demonstration of how Germany's government bond yields turned negative and how students can learn from it using our platform.

Micro and Macro Economic Indicators

OpenBB provides historical data and analysis on economic indicators such as GDP, inflation, interest rates, and employment. This is essential for students to understand the economy and analyze trends. The course includes an analysis of the Greek government debt crisis using key macro-economic indicators on the OpenBB platform.


See how we have worked with several universities to introduce the OpenBB platform and how our technology and solutions democratize access to investment research.

Partner Image

Utrecht University

Understanding the need for Python within the Financial industry is important. Utrecht University understands the importance and teaches their Finance students about the programming language. In addition, the University collaborated with OpenBB to further talk about the role of Python and what OpenBB brings to the table.

Partner Image

Indiana University

Not only technical students can actively contribute to the OpenBB Terminal as MBA students from Indiana University got involved to understand the current market conditions for investment research platforms in the United States as well as the major benefit OpenBB gives within the academia space.

Partner Image

RMIT University

The RMIT University made use of the open source nature of the OpenBB Terminal in which a group of Data Scientists were asked to work with OpenBB to contribute to the project and design their own addition to the software. One of the many examples how any type of student can be involved.

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